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Our purpose is helping more than 1.000.000 people with xploring, xperiencing & xpressing their flow by 2020



We are all equal. We are all unique.
Let’s move together. Dare to be free, fair and pure.
Make the the world a more stunning, creative, energizing, dancing, healthy, sustainable, happy and joyful place.
Live in abundance, in flow, show up, sparkle and connect. Be yourself. Enjoy!

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xpuro - free dare fair pure

The bigger picture

Our rough roadmap from 2017 to 2020

xpuro roadmap the bigger picture

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
If you want to go fast & far create a team in flow.

About Ralph

Together we can make the world more beautiful

People in flow are sparkling and happy. Xpuro is founded by me, Ralph Dost. I believe we can solve all the worlds challenges when we tune in to our flow, and make the world a better place. I contribute to that movement and go with the flow!

For me xpuro is an opportunity to create amazing Flow xperiences.

My Story, My Flow moments

I’m just a ‘normal’ guy. No, I’m not an extreme sporter, a professional surfdude, musician strung out on coke.  My whole life I’ve known I can tune into a flow state. Some periods in my life it’s easier then other periods. Just as a lot of people I have sometimes challenges and struggles, sometimes even very tough challenges and struggles which push me to the bottom of life. But… when you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.

Drawing cars

As a child I would draw cars for hours. I created a complete brand with a large collection of different models. When I was drawing I lost myself into the paper, into the process of creating something beautiful. I lost sense of time and felt happy.

Enjoying my music

When I pick my guitar and just playing and singing around I can hardly stop. Sometimes I try to do it for just a few minutes.. but then it’s more then a few minutes. That’s life. Enjoying the moment.

A funeral

A sort of crazy experience of flow was at the day of the funeral of my wife, Sandra. We were more than 15 years together and then she get cancer. In just a few weeks a young women of 38 was gone… That last weeks we had some beautiful moments together. I’m so grateful for that moments. All my attention was in that moments, completely focused. I realized that later. After she passed away I organized the funeral with some help of friends and an undertaker.
In that week I had a lot of grieve and at the same time I was completely focused on my goal, the task I had to do with all my attention, devotion and love. At the day of the funeral I had really a flow experience. It’s sounds strange, but it’s great to have such experiences at such days. It’s helps me a lot to stay positive, go on with my life and the have a warm remembering to that day and especially Sandra.

Outdoor sports

My whole life I love to do outdoor sports. When I was white water canoeing, just a little bit out of my comfortzone I experienced often Flow. With running I can get the runners high and with cycling (race or mountainbike) I become so happy when I feel my limits and experience all the elements of nature at the same time. Fresh air breezing along my skin, feeling some sunbeams and hear the birds singing in the background.

Driving with an almost broken gear box

A more funny experience was when I was travelling. In flow I ‘flew’ through 3 countries in 20 hours. I drove back from Barcelona to Holland, around 1.400 kilometers. In France I got problems with my gear box. In mid France, still 700 kilometers to go, my gear box was almost broken. It makes a lot of noise in the lower gears and only in the 4th gear I could drive ‘normal’. Because I was driving an old car at that time, it wasn’t worth to change the gearbox by a new one in France. I decided to give it a try to drive to Holland. I had to stop a few times. The pay toll on the toll road, rest and fill up patrol. My clear goal was to reach Holland. Try to stop as less as possible. Use the gear box less as possible and go as fast as possible to the 4th gear. It was a challenge, a little bit out of my comfortzone (I was on my own as well), but I saw it as a nice challenge. I did it, arrived in Holland, completely in flow! A day later a friend had to drag my car to the garage.

I can experience flow as well with cooking, gardening, great conversations with friends, my work and I practice it in more and more daily activities.

Ralph Dost

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We are still looking for ‘flow creators’. Great people for organizing activities, training’s, the movement, communication & PR and investors.

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