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Freedom, Abundance & Happiness.

Welcome to a life in Flow.

Hi, I’m Ralph Dost and here to inspire and guide you on your journey to a life filled with freedom, abundance, and happiness.

My Life Guide and blogs are available at zero cost, offering valuable, (science-based) information and authentic stories. They encourage you to move and play with your energy, unlocking your potential.

Take action, focus, and boost your confidence, productivity, and health in flow.
Xplore, Xperience & Xpress your authentic true self. Pure you!

The trainings are designed to integrate natural movement and playful energy into your daily routine, creating flow states.
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Ralph Dost
Ralph Dost – Life Guide & Founder xpuro


  • Less Stress > More Energy!
  • Less Distraction > More Focus.
  • Action = Self Confidence = Productivity.
  • Live Your Dreams & Potential in Flow.
  • Freedom, Abundance & Happiness.

Shift Your Energy.
Shape Your Life.

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Freedom, Abundance & Happiness

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Discover inspiration through my authentic experiences, stories, and insights on movement, play, and flow. A wave of natural energy.😄
Some posts are in English, some in Dutch.

Headstand Evert

Upside Down.

A few months ago, my good friend Evert passed away. On Sunday mornings, we would often go “plunging”. We started cold water plunging a few years ago (Wim Hof Method❄️), but then…

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Been there. Done that.

Kort gezegd ben ik inmiddels ervaringsdeskundige op heel wat vlakken. Niet zozeer bewust voor gekozen, maar zo is mijn levenspad. Toen ik een tijdje geleden een “Been There. Done That.” lijst van…

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Xplore, Xperience & Xpress your authentic pure self.

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