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Corporate flow playgrounds • Move, Play & Flow training

Move. Play. Work & live in Flow!

Move & Play as a daily habit in your office.
Xplore connection with yourself, your colleagues and others.
Xperience your peak performance and boost productivity and innovation power.
Xpress your creativity, your talents, health and happiness.
Work & Live in Flow!

Corporate Flow Playground - Biophilic Office

Corporate Flow Playgrounds

We help you to turn your office and corporate spaces into a creative Corporate Flow Playground to make move & play a daily habit. To support flow states and peak performance for everybody in your organisation.
Boost productivity, health, creativity and happiness.

Move & Play Objects

We designed a range of objects that invites people to move & play at the workplace as a daily habit. From quite simple tools to use for daily play and movements to a really nice eye catcher for your office.

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Office (re)design

Our team of designers, architects, engineers, artists and move & play specialists can help you turn your current or new office into a Corporate Flow Playground. Ready to support your employees to move & play as a daily habit. Work in flow in healthy workplace.

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Move. Play. Flow. Training & Workshops

To create a culture and daily habit to move, play, work & live in flow. Boost productivity, creativity, innovation, health, performance and happiness in your organisation. Healthy workers are happy workers!
Besides the 3x 3 hour Move, Play & grow into Flow training, we offer many custom made training & workshops for your business and team.

Move. Play. Flow workshops & training.
Move. Play. Flow workshops & training.
Why Move & Play at the office everyday?

Why Move and Play
at the office every day?

The ultimate guide to work & live in Flow!
Increase productivity, creativity, innovation power, health & happiness.

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Play is the highest form of research. Albert Einstein.

Play is the highest form of research.

– Albert Einstein

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