xplore, xperience, xpress

Be yourself. Enjoy!

My purpose is to inspire you to xplore, xperience and xpress yourself. With love for yourself, everybody around you and nature. The xpuro art, projects and products are inspired by nature. Always created with love.
Be Yourself. Enjoy!

xpuro is the name that I, Ralph Dost, works under as a contemporary artist and designer.

I’m are very inspired by ancient wisdom meets modern science. So I love biophilic design, because it’s inspired by the wisdom and experience of nature. Biophilia means an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world. So, love for nature. I always felt a love for nature. As s small child and still.

I love to do meditation, yoga, breathing technics. I’ts ancient and from all times. These days they become evident based by modern science. Like neuroscience and our understanding of the autonomic nervous system. I like that and it is really inspiring. If you study for example the yoga lifestyle, Japanse Zen, Wim Hof Method (The Iceman), Joe Dispenza and many others… LOVE is always the core. Love for yourself, others, nature, the universe, the multiverse… unconditional love. The symbol of Love, the heart , is a very universal and strong symbol. I’m fascinated by it.

For now you find at this website my own projects. I love to work with other artists & designers in the near future and create together wonderfull projects.

Have a nice and lovely day!

Ralph Dost

X nature
MY values

Free, Dare, Fair, Pure

We are all equal. We are all unique.

Let’s move together. Dare to be Free, Fair and Pure.

Make the world a more stunning, creative, energizing, healthy, happy and joyful place.

Live in abundance, in flow, show up, sparkle and connect.  Be yourself. Enjoy!


to dream
to be happy
to be joyful
to be creative
to be free of mind


to be imPerfect
to create
to move
to love
to be vulnerable
to live in abundance




we are all equal & all unique
pure love
pure yourself
less = more


Products & artworks high standards

Because I love nature, I am doing the best I can to meet the high standards below. Of course I’m not perfect, but I’ll be honest if I can’t meet the the standards for some reason.

Inspired by nature. Love for biophilic design.
Sustainable, circular and biobased.
Materials come from local suppliers (Europe).
Unique and handcrafted products & artworks.
Stay in the loop with the latest artworks & designs

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