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Corporate Flow Playground? What & Why?

By designing your office and work spaces as a Corporate Flow Playground, you create an environment where creativity and connection between people flows. As a result, higher productivity, innovation power and healthy happy workers. Playing and moving will be a daily habit again. Yes, playing in a professional atmosphere! As human being we are made to move an play. This is an essential part of our daily life. For healthy neurophysiological processes in our body. So very important in the corporate culture as well. An alternation of challenges and rest is the perfect environment to work in flow. In a flow state, or ‘the zone’, everybody can achieve peak performance and an optimal use of their talents.

Evidenced based on the science of Flow & Biophilic Design principles.

⇑ Increase creativity & innovation

⇑ 500% more performance

⇑ productivity

⇑ decision-making

⇑ happiness

Source: Many scientific publications.
We like to tell you more about it.

Simple adjustments to your current office & spaces

With relatively simple adjustments your current office and / or business premises can be changed in a Corporate Flow Playground. You can even realize it step by step. Start with a modest investment and start the movement.
Our Corporate Flow Playground designers help you to create the right adjustments. In addition, we can take care of the Move, Play, Flow training & workshops so that Move, Play and Flow is a daily habit for everyone in your business / organisation. This will lead to a huge positive impact on the work and life of every employee.

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Total (re)design of your office & spaces

Are you about to fully redesign your office and / or business premises? Or are you moving to a new office? That will be the perfect time to integrate the Corporate Flow Playground concept directly into your office and other business spaces. Our network consists of highly experienced interior architects, architects, engineers and flow hackers in order to create the best and healthiest working environment. All based on the science behind Flow and Biophilic Design. So it is circular, sustainable and healthy. For large projects we work together with highly experienced parties in the field of office design.

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xpuro partners

We work together with highly experienced partners to create the best and healthiest offices & spaces.

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