Life Guide

1. Understand Energy.

Understanding Energy, Oneness, and Wholeness.

To really understand energy and why its oneness and wholeness is a fundamental piece in life, we need to explore some exciting ideas. Energy is all around us and within us, connecting everything in ways we often don’t realize. In this chapter, I’ll explain more about energy, how it works, and why it’s so important. Get ready to see the world in a whole new way!

Energy and empty space.

The universe, as we currently understand it, is composed of empty space or energy. We have yet to uncover all its mysteries. Energy manifests as vibrations at various frequencies. Some of these frequencies are perceptible to us through sight, sound, and touch, while others are not. For instance, dogs can hear frequencies that are inaudible to humans. Often, we absorb these energies and frequencies without conscious awareness.

Energy Connects Everything.

Contrary to the common perception of separation, everything is interconnected. While we cannot see air or oxygen, nor the energy itself, all atoms are bonded. This connection extends to every person, every living being, the earth, and all of nature.

All Is One: Universe & Beyond.

We’re all part of one big family, coming from the same energy source. Different cultures and individuals refer to this source as The Source, Life Force, Prana, The Field, or God (and its various interpretations), depending on their beliefs .

Energy is Never Lost, Only Transformed.

Here’s a cool fact: energy never disappears, it just changes form. Scientists call this the law of conservation of energy. Think about a wave coming to the shore. It might look like it’s gone, but its energy has actually turned into other things, like the sound you hear or the movement of sand on the beach.

This short video explains more about the law of conservation of energy.

Law of conservation of energy

Energy = Vibration = Frequency = Information.

You are made of energy, and you’re always vibrating! Did you know your body has several energy centers, often called chakras? We can actually measure this energy. For instance, your heart sends out much more energy than any other organ in your body. As we progress, we’ll learn more about these energy centers and how they work.

Energy vibrates at different speeds, and each speed carries specific information. It’s kind of like how radio or Wi-Fi signals work. Everything around us – trees, plants, even rocks – is energy vibrating with its own special information.

Exercise: Feel Energy

Take a moment to close your eyes. Imagine everything around you glowing and buzzing with energy. Try to feel how everything is connected.

We Are Energy.

Because we’re all connected, we might be able to tap into information from what we think of as the “past, present, and future” through energy. But here’s the thing: space and time are ideas our minds create. Some smart scientists, like Albert Einstein, have shown that space and time can change based on how we look at them.


The only real moment is right now. Without the ideas of space and time, what we think of as past, present, and future might all exist at once. This can be hard to understand, especially if you haven’t grown up thinking this way. But if we try to use this idea in our daily lives, it can make things simpler and maybe even make us happier.

By thinking about these ideas and trying to feel more connected to everything around us, we might be able to worry less and enjoy life more. Remember, we’re all part of this amazing, energetic universe!

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