Life Guide

2. Shaping Reality with Thought Energy.

Everything around us is made up of energy, including our thoughts. By learning how to use the energy of your thoughts, you can begin to create the life you dream of. Let’s see how your thoughts can change your world.

The Field: An Ocean of Energy.

Imagine the entire universe as a huge ocean of energy. Scientists sometimes call this “The Field” or the “Quantum Field.” Everything in this ocean, including you, is connected! Just like fish swimming in the sea, we are all part of this vast, interconnected energy field. Every thought, emotion, and action sends ripples through this ocean, influencing everything around us. This means that what we think and feel can have a real impact on the world, connecting us to everyone and everything in a powerful way.

Your Story in the Field.

Here’s something amazing: in this energy ocean, there are countless versions of your life story already out there. It’s like having a giant library full of books, and each book is a different version of your life. In one book, you might be a famous artist; in another, you might travel the world or one of the inifite other options.
These different versions are like parallel realities, existing all at once. You have the ability to choose which “book” or version of your life you want to read and experience. By changing your thoughts and feelings, you can shift from one life story to another, just like picking a new book off the shelf and diving into a new adventure. But it takes action and some time to see these changes happen.

Choosing Your Story.

The coolest part? You can choose which story you want to live! It’s a bit like using a TV remote to change channels or clicking a computer mouse to open a new webpage. You can switch to a new “channel” of your life at any time.
However, it takes the right actions and some time to fully experience the new story you’ve chosen.

How to Change Your Channel.

o switch to a new life story, you need to use both your heart and your brain. Here’s how:

  • Think positive thoughts.
  • Feel good emotions in your heart.
  • When your mind (brain) and heart work together, they become super powerful!
  • Send out this positive energy.
  • Watch as the world around you starts to change.

Exercise: Tuning In

Close your eyes for a moment. Think of something that makes you really happy. Feel that happiness in your heart. Imagine that happy feeling spreading out from you like ripples in a pond. This is you tuning into a positive energy channel!

Your Thoughts and Feelings are One.

Your thoughts and feelings work together in a powerful way. Happy thoughts lead to happy feelings, and vice versa. When you think positive thoughts, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel good. Similarly, when you feel happy, your mind tends to think more positive thoughts. This is why both your mindset (how you think) and your “heartset” (how you feel) are important.
Together, they create a cycle of positive energy that can shape your reality. But remember, it takes consistent effort and the right actions to maintain this positive cycle.

Reflecting Your Energy.

The energy you send out comes back to you, like a mirror. If you send out happy, positive energy, you’re more likely to see happy, positive things happen in your life.

Change Your Energy, Change Your Reality.

By changing your thoughts and feelings, you can tune into a new story – a new timeline or reality for yourself. It might take some practice, but it’s a skill you can learn!

Remember, your thoughts and feelings are powerful. By understanding this, you can start to create the life you want, one positive thought at a time!

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

Change your actions, change your results.”

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