Scott Carney is an American investigative journalist and author of the book What Doesn’t Kill Us. He just wrote a very nice article at Quartz. He explains in just a few minutes read how we lost our evolutionary strength and how we can renew it.  You cannot find the words flow and biophilic design in the article, but between the lines it’s all about living in flow and why biophilic design is so important in our modern life. The quote ‘Effortless comfort has made us fat, lazy, and increasingly in ill health’ says enough.What Doesn't Kill Us. Scott Carney.

A new theory promises to unlock your body’s full potential—and is actually scientifically sound

Today tens of thousands of people are discovering that the environment contains hidden tools for hacking the nervous system. But no matter what they might be able to accomplish, they’re not superhuman—the fortitude they find comes from within the body itself. When they forego a few creature comforts and delve more deeply into their own biology, they’re becoming more human.

For at least half a century, the conventional wisdom about maintaining good physical health has rested on the twin pillars of diet and exercise. While those are no doubt vital, there’s an equally important, but completely ignored, third pillar: environmental stimulation.

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