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Move, Play & Grow into Flow

All basics in 3x 3 hours.

Discover how you can experience flow. Boost your productivity, creativity, health and experience more happiness in your work and life. Learn how to get to into ‘the zone’ faster and more often. Achieve top performances. Moving and playing is an important part to get into a flow state and to find your peace again after a peak performance. So you will be ready to take the next wave.

In 3 x 3 hours we train your team or group of employees to make move, play and flow a daily habit. The result: increased productivity, creativity, more innovation power and optimum health and happiness experience among employees. This will lead toĀ less absence due to illnessĀ andĀ considerable cost saving due to less absence.

What do you get out of this training?

Performance & Happiness

  • Discover your Flow profile
  • Boost productivity, creativity, health and your overall well-being
  • Integrate flow states into your work and life
  • Experience peak performance. Up to 500% more effective
  • Improve decision making
  • Strengthen innovation power
  • Train focus and balance
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Have a great life xperience!

xplore your flow

Part 1Ā ā€¢Ā Discover your flow profile

How do you get into flow states and how do you recover after a ‘peak performance’? Just as with achieving beautiful sport performances, flow demands an intrinsic motivation, training, exercise, passion and time for recovery. Everyone has their own unique flow profile. With that insight of your profile you can help yourself and the people around you to achieve optimal flow states.

Given by one of our flow hackers.

Move, Play, Flow Training & Workshops.

Part 2Ā ā€¢Ā Move & Play during the day

Make it a daily habit. Especially in a professional work environment!

Playing contributes to a healthy, strong and mobile body.Ā Moving during the day will be more fun!

In games you need creativity and inventiveness. By playing together you will connect and engage with colleagues, xplore new ideas and meet new people. Exercising and playing have a positive effect on your brain and hormone balance. Make it a habit to occasionally play and move through the day. It brings you new ideas and insights and at the same time it is equally relaxed by exerting. So you are ready to take the next wave into a flow state.

Given by one of our move, play & flow trainers.

Breath & Mindfulness

Part 3Ā ā€¢Ā Breath & focus

Breathing is one of our most powerful tools to achieve peak performance and to prevent ourselves of chronic stress. Breathing is an automatic process. Many people take unconsciously shallow breath. They never learned the power of breathing or forgot it when they grew up. We will learn you breath again.

Breathing is a super tool to realize flow and focus. Discover ‘the power of breath!’, based on the Wim Hof Method (WHM) and ancient pranayama technics.

Given by one of our move, play & flow trainers.


The investment forĀ the 3 x 3 hours training is 275,- euro (ex VAT) per person.

The price is based on a minimum of 8 persons and maximum 15. We will organize the training at your location. Price bases on a location in The Netherlands. If that isn’t possible we can arrange a location at additional costs. If you would like let us held the training outside The Netherlands, we are happy to provide you a quote.

Call or email us for more information

Additional Trainings & Workshops

Keep it a habit

After the Move, Play & Grow into Flow basic training, we hold a creative movement workshop with the same group every quarter. Making Move, Play & Flow a daily habit in your organisation. With all positive effects as a result!

Free Movement Xcellence

More inspiration to move freely and play in your daily work environment.Ā The boost for the top performers!

Mindfulness, focus & yoga

ProfoundĀ mindfulness, focus and yoga training. Custom made for the group and the individual.

Team Flow

Get you whole team in flow together! With our team flow experts we will create a perfect custom made training for your team and organisation.


Xplore, Xperiment and dare to fail. Flow in the innovation process and design sprints. We have some great partners in our network to organize these workshop together.

Wim Hof Method (WHM)

Happy & healthy workers by training breathing technics, movement and cold exposure. We organize these training in corporation with very experienced and official WHM instructors.

Custom made training or workshop?

Email or call us with our challenge or question. We like to create together a great training or workshop with the Move, Play & Flow thought in mind.

Send Ralph an email, ralph@xpuro.com or call +31 6 449 349 22. We love to hear from you!

Why Move & Play at the office every day?

The ultimate guide to work & live in Flow!
Increase productivity, creativity, innovation power, health & happiness.

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Why Move & Play at the office everyday?

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