Corporate Flow Playground. Move & Play at your workplace everyday!

Move & Play Objects

We designed a range of objects that invites people to move & play at the workplace as a daily habit. From quite simple tools to use for daily play and movements to a really nice eye catcher for your office. You can choose for standard or customized solutions.

Move & Play House

The Move & Play House invites workers to move more. Relaxation by effort! Optimized for many exercises for everybody.

Play Rock

Perfect for stretching and keeping your strength. And a beautiful object for your office.

Play Rock

Wall of Support

The Wall of Support provides privacy and can support in different ways in move & play activities.

xpuro wall of support

Power Trees

Because chronic stress leads to inflammation, depression and affects your sleep, it’s important to take steps to relieve your stress. Hitting a punching bag is a great way to relieve stress.

xpuro Power Trees

Traveling Rings

Is it a workout? Is it social art? Traveling Rings are really amazing, to train focus and your body. To feel more and live and fly in flow.
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Traveling Rings

Relax spaces for mindfulness, yoga and play

Create a space in your office for rest and focus. A relaxing space for mindfulness, yoga, meditation, but for play too. Our interior designers are specialized in this area and in our network we have acoustic experts. So we can create the perfect space that fits into your office.

Zen - Mindfulness - Yoga - Meditatie - Relax - Play

More for your Corporate Flow Playground & customized solutions

We can offer many products for your corporate flow playground. From gymnastic rings to balance boards. From soft basket balls to yoga mats. Or we can design customized solutions, products and spaces. Please contact us with your requirements. We are very happy to help you.

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Move. Play. Flow. Training & Workshops

Check our training and workshops to create a culture and daily habit to move, play, work & live in flow. Boost productivity, creativity, innovation, health, performance and happiness in your organisation. Healthy workers are happy workers!

Move. Play. Flow workshops & training.

More information or a quote?

We like to discuss your unique situation and create a perfect solution for your organisation.

Please send an e-mail to Ralph Dost – – or call at +31 6 449 34922.

Why Move & Play at the office every day?

The ultimate guide to work & live in Flow!
Increase productivity, creativity, innovation power, health & happiness.

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Why Move & Play at the office everyday?