Your Direction

What’s Your Direction? Choose your own!

Pure linen with an authentic sail look. With the four wooden cleats and the sturdy sheets (ropes) you can stretch the ‘your direction’ canvas. For example on a wall.
The text is in Dutch “De richting van de wind kun je niet veranderen, de stand van de zeilen bepaal je zelf”. It means “When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails”. If you really want, I can make one with an English version.

Of course you will receive the ‘message in a bottle’. It is designed by Ralph and blown by the Czech glass artist Marek Bartko.

‘Your Direction’ Is a design by Ralph Dost and handmade.
Limited edition and signed by Ralph.

  • 995,00

  • Prices incl. tax. Request for shipping costs.
  • approx. 115 x 105 cm

  • Limited edition (signed)

  • By Ralph Dost

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