We are a multi-disciplinary group of people. All with their own expertise, experiences and knowledge. Quirky, creative, funny, lovely and very passionate about movement, playing, flow states and circular & biophilic design.

  • Move, Play & Flow training specialists and inspirators
  • Architects, artists, creatives, engineers, designers, flow hackers
  • Athletes, movement scientists, neuroscientists, psychologists.
Ralph Dost

Ralph Dost

Flow states, movement and play are my passion. I think it is very interesting how the body and brain work together and that combined with design of your environment (biophilic design / architecture).
The paradox of flow is ‘Think Less, Feel More’ and I think that is fascinating. There are so many advantages to more exercise and play on a daily basis and to live in flow. My purpose is to provide the people with the inspiration, training and tools. Be nice, healthy and happy! Be yourself. Enjoy!

Founder / Owner, Move, Play & Flow specialist

Jeffrey van Opzeeland

Jeffrey van Opzeeland

I came into contact with yoga from home. As a teenager I started gymnastics at a high level and after that I went deep in martial arts, fitness & strength training.
I noticed how my body missed the flexibility and focus that yoga gave me in addition to all these forms of movement. In the past years I have developed myself further in coaching techniques, personal development trajectories and leadership training in order to get to the core in an effective way and to experience more happiness.
In the Move & Play area I have been trained by Ido Portal, among others. I have a lot of knowledge and experience with breathing techniques (eg Wim Hof Method).
For several years I have my own Yoga School, Yogiheroes in Hilversum. We offer accessible lessons that focus on strength, flow and rest.

Move, Play & Flow trainer

Koen Crommetuijn

Koen Crommetuijn

In my childhood I loved to play outside with my friends. In the open nature, to climb in trees, play in corn fields, play soccer and ride my BMX on the self made BMX-track in front of our house. Now I dream of that Wooden Treehouse in that 400 year old oak 🙂

“Play” played a key role in my life and still is. I like to see as many children as possible to be happy. “Play” let children to be social, will make new friends, cope with issues and deal with problem solving. So people just play and be happy!. Together with Carl Mills I founded Stoerrr, Kids Club Concepts.

For xpuro I’m involved in creating concepts for adults at the workplace, the Corporate Flow Playgrounds.

My specialties and interests are: Design & Concept Developing, Artist Impressions, visual arts, interactive play, social play, learning by playing, sustainable design with a Biophilic & Eco approach.


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Our purpose is to let people move, play and live in flow!


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