Is it a workout? Is it social art?

Traveling Rings are really amazing, to train focus and your body. To feel more and live and fly in flow.
Traveling Rings playground are very social. Enjoy the social art of flying!

Traveling Rings in your city?

We deliver and install across Europe. At public spots,
fitness centers, swimming pools, your home or at your Corporate Flow Playground.
Indoor or outdoor.
Starting fromĀ ā‚¬ 1.900.

Traveling Rings

An excellent overview of Ring Flyers in Santa Monica.

The art of flying

Ring flyers talk about the spiritual aspect of Traveling Rings

More information or a quote?

We love to hear from you. We can create the perfect blueprint for your location together with you.

Convince the government for a public spot?
We can help to pitch the idea to your local government. It should be great if more public Traveling Rings spots will pop-up around the world soon.

Please drop us an e-mail with your name, phone number, intended location (i.e. indoor, outdoor).

Where focus goes, energy flows